Any Thing IoT Demonstration Project

Solar Power Monitoring, Control and

Analytics Demonstration Project

Table of Contents

Project Overview

Any Thing IoT Cloud Components Diagram

Connected Things Diagram

IoT System Overview Diagram

Project Overview

Objective: To implement a secure, flexible, cost effective, scalable, standards based, open source, end to end IoT system platform that provides low cost rapid prototyping and real-time monitoring, control and analytics.

Demonstration Project Things:

  • Monitor and Control (MaC) Things: MaC Things provide sensing, control, secure connectivity and bi-directional messaging for the operational solar power systems.
  • Simulator (Sim) Things: Sim Things calculate a simulated power output for a virtual simulated site by using sunrise and sunset times that are geographically corrected for the virtual location. Simulators are used to generate data to exercise, test, evaluate and refine the IoT system performance.
  • Demonstration (Demo) Things: Demo Things are used for presentations to demonstrate the IoT system. There are multiple sensors on the demo thing including a light sensor. The light sensor output is used in conjunction with a solar power simulator function to simulate the power output of a solar panel system.